San Antonio Back Taxes

San Antonio Back Taxes

Are you fearful of your Back Taxes? Get an experienced San Antonio Tax Debt Attorney! For a Free Consultation Contact Tony Ramos Today at: 1-210-558-2834.

San Antonio residents dealing with IRS back taxes problems can trust The Law Office of Tony Ramos Law to protect their wages, bank accounts and property. If you’re in search of a legal team to assist you with your IRS tax issue, you can count on the one that law firm clients have turned to for years for debt settlement and proper legal advice.

Do you have an outstanding debt to the IRS and the IRS has failed to collect even after sending you written notices and requests? You may be facing a lien or a levy with regard to your unpaid tax. A wage levy in place will force your employer to send the IRS part of your paycheck before you will be able to get paid. A levy can be placed on your bank account, freezing or seizing your assets. If a tax lien is set against your home or property, you will not be able to sell or refinance.

It can be difficult to understand the difference between a lien and a levy; however they can more easily be distinguished in the following way: A levy is a seizure of your property that satisfies or helps to satisfy the debt. A lien is a legal claim against your property to secure payment of your tax.

If the IRS has threatened you with a lien or a levy in San Antonio to resolve your back taxes, time is of the essence. By involving a tax debt lawyer as early as possible, your attorney may be able to prevent the consequences of a levy or a lien. The time-frame for appeals in either case is only about 30 days from the date of the IRS notice.

The Law Office of Tony Ramos, PC may be able to assist you in:

– Prevention of IRS wage garnishing.

– Prevention of IRS seizure of your home or other property.

– Prevention of IRS seizure or freezing of your bank accounts.

Let the San Antonio back taxes lawyer represent you before the IRS. His extensive knowledge of tax debt collection law can enable him to move strategically and timely with regard to any action the IRS may have threatened to take. Your attorney’s top priority is to protect your money, assets and property from being seized by the IRS.

If the IRS has begun to garnish your wages and your hard-earned salary is being taken from you to pay back taxes that you owe, it is essential that you seek representation immediately. Tony Ramos’ legal team is prepared to handle your garnishment issue promptly to get you the financial results you require. There are several resolutions that may stop your garnishment from continuing, including, Offer in Compromise, Installment Agreement, and Partial Payment Installment Agreement.

Schedule your free consultation with a San Antonio back taxes experienced attorney, Tony Ramos Law, by calling 210-558-2834. If you need help with an IRS problem, you should call on the legal team with the expertise to resolve the issue. Don’t trust something this important to just any lawyer. Call Tony Ramos today.

San Antonio Back Taxes

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