San Antonio IRS Tax Attorney

San Antonio IRS Tax Attorney

Get rid of fear and your tax debt to with an experienced San Antonio IRS Tax Attorney! For a Free Consultation Contact Tony Ramos Today at: 1-210-558-2834.

Finding the right San Antonio IRS tax attorney may not be as easy as you may think. You should hire a legal team that is knowledgeable with regard to tax law – one that is able to assist you in navigating its complexities and get you the results you deserve when it comes to your existing debt. Attorney Tony Ramos has been practicing tax law for over 40 years, and solely handle tax debt collection matters.

Are you being threatened by the IRS? If so, you are most likely feeling stressed out and overwhelmed by the possibilities of what they may be able to do. The fact is, the IRS has the authority to place a lien or levy your bank account, assets, property or even garnish your wages to attempt to satisfy the debt. If you are simply unable to pay what you owe, an Installment Agreement may be the answer you’ve been looking for.

The Law Office of Tony Ramos offers a variety of personalized solutions for tax debt relief and can assist you in finding the right one to meet your needs. Installment Agreement is the most common way to satisfy IRS tax debt. If you owe $50,000 or less to the IRS, your San Antonio IRS tax attorney can help you qualify for a payment plan for 72 months. If you owe more than $50,000, you will be required to provide financial information to the IRS.

An installment plan to satisfy your tax debt can be beneficial in a number of ways, including all of the following:

– You can reduce a significant amount of tax debt to manageable monthly payments that are no longer overwhelming.

– If you happen to qualify for convenient online payments, paying back your tax debt can be extremely easy to take care of.

– Through an installment plan, you will avoid defaulting on your debt to the IRS and avoid theadditional penalties.

If your current tax debt is the result of a Ponzi Scheme or if you have been the victim of fraud and have incurred financial damage, there are laws in place that can possibly help you recover up to 40% of your loss. Agreeing to an installment plan can help you pay back the amount that you actually owe the IRS.

The San Antonio IRS tax attorney from The Law Office of Tony Ramos may be able to provide prompt tax debt relief. Schedule your free consultation with a tax debt pro by calling 210-558-2834 to get help now and avoid overpaying.

You can learn more about IRS tax debt by going online to and downloading the free IRS Tax Debt Report on ‘How to Settle your Tax Debt, Sometimes for Much Less than you Owe’. You’ll find it to be a valuable asset in your attempt to settle your tax issues with the IRS.

Contact the San Antonio IRS tax attorney who is dedicated to tax debt law and to positive results for his clients. Attorney Tony Ramos has been practicing tax law for successfully for many years and can help you reach a settlement with the IRS.

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