San Antonio IRS Tax Debt Settlement

San Antonio IRS Tax Debt Settlement

IRS tax debt settlement is possible with an experienced San Antonio Tax Debt Attorney! For a Free Consultation Contact Tony Ramos Today at: 1-210-558-2834.

The Law Office of Tony Ramos offers San Antonio residents and non-residents IRS tax debt settlement services that can help you get your IRS problems behind you once and for all. You may not currently be aware that the IRS may agree to settle your tax debt for much less than the amount they have reported to you. Contact Attorney Ramos to find out more.

The IRS has the authority to use powerful tactics to collect taxes and is able to levy your bank account and even take your home. The good news is that with the help of Attorney Ramos, you can achieve IRS tax debt settlement that is based on how much you can afford to pay over a certain timeframe. With a reasonable solution like this available, you can reclaim hope of reaching a solution.

If you are currently dealing with an issue with the IRS that has you stressed out or worried, it is essential that you place your trust in a law firm with the knowledge and expertise in tax law. Tony Ramos has been practicing tax law in Texas for more than 40 years and handles only tax debt collection defense claims, allowing him to commit his time and efforts on issues that affect his clients’ assets and future.

Tax law is complex. Hire a firm that has the dedication to proper paperwork filing and legal representation of you in front of the IRS. You'll find The Law Office of Tony Ramos differs from other law firms in a number of areas, including:

– Their extensive experience, drawing from years of practice.

– Dedicated, professional treatment of clients.

– Prompt communication via phone and email.

– Their clients’ best interest supersede their own.

– Their refusal to compromise on ethical standards.

The Law Office of Tony Ramos represents clients who have significant liabilities they are unable to pay back to the IRS. As part of their IRS tax debt settlement work, they help clients file OIC, or offer in Compromise agreements, with the IRS. If you are unable to pay your tax debt, Attorney Tony Ramos will assist you through the process of working toward obtaining a lower settlement on your total tax liability.

The IRS will review your OIC and examine your expenses, income, assets and liabilities to determine whether you are able to pay back your debt. If the IRS has doubts as to whether you can pay your debt back, is in doubt as to the accuracy of your liability, or sees that repayment will cause significant hardship, they may grant an offer in compromise.

The IRS tax debt settlement lawyer from The Law Office of Tony Ramos may be able to help with your frozen account, lien or levy, wage garnishment or other issue. Call 1-210-558-2834 today to schedule a free consultation with an IRS tax debt settlement experienced attorney.

Learn more about tax debt settlement by going online to where you’ll find a wealth of information that will assist you in understanding the law and in making an informed decision when it comes to hiring an attorney.

San Antonio IRS Tax Debt Settlement

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