San Antonio IRS Tax Lawyer

San Antonio IRS Tax Lawyer

An experienced San Antonio IRS Tax Lawyer can help you with your IRS tax debt situation. For a Free Consultation Call Tony Ramos Today at: 1-210-558-2834.

If you’re drowning in IRS debt and are being threatened with collection action against your property or assets, you’ll need the help of a knowledgeable San Antonio IRS tax lawyer. The Law Office of Tony Ramos can work toward an agreeable settlement that can benefit you and may even help you pay less than what you actually owe, protecting your property at the same time.

Call Tony Ramos Law at 210-558-2834 to schedule your free consultation with a lawyer who can explain their services and how they can help you get out from under your IRS debt. In the case that you happen to be an innocent spouse and are being hounded by the IRS about your late-spouse’s debt, or your ex-spouse’s debt, Tony Ramos can help.

If you filed a joint tax return in the past you were probably hoping to avoid paying more taxes than you owed, a common practice for married couples to engage in. Unfortunately, filing jointly can also make you liable for your spouse’s tax debt, including any penalties or accrued interest, even if you are no longer married.

Fortunately, there are a number of debt relief strategies for a spouse who is facing a tax burden. Your San Antonio IRS tax lawyer can explain to you the benefits in detail, which can include:

– Innocent Spouse Relief, which will remove the burden from your spouse’s tax issues.

– Separation of Liability Relief, which will allocate the amount of tax which you are responsible for.

– Equitable Relief, in cases where the client does not qualify for either of the above.

The knowledgeable San Antonio IRS tax lawyer from Tony Ramos Law can help you understand the law as it applies to you and discuss the details of your circumstances. For a free consultation, feel free to call 210-558-2834.

To qualify for one of the IRS relief programs, you must meet a few conditions. The requesting spouse is required to apply for relief no later than two years from when the IRS first tried to collect or from the time when you filed the return with a deficiency. You must also swear that you did not know about the error and prove that it would be unfair to hold you responsible for the penalty.

You can find out whether you qualify for the relief by contacting The Law Office of Tony Ramos, PC. Taking quick action is essential in obtaining the best possible results. If you are facing a tax burden that you should not be responsible for, it can be stressful and overwhelming. Let The Law Office of Tony Ramos work to ensure the IRS has a clear understanding of what you really should owe and what resources can be used to pay them back.

Visit to find out more about IRS tax debt and how your San Antonio IRS tax lawyer can help you avoid paying more than what you owe. Whether you’re an innocent spouse or are in need of tax debt assistance of another kind, Tony Ramos can help.

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