San Antonio Tax Attorney

San Antonio Tax Attorney

Having difficulty sleeping because of your tax debt situation? Call a San Antonio Tax Attorney For a Free Consultation Call Tony Ramos at: 1-210-558-2834.

You’ll find the right San Antonio tax attorney for your IRS debt at The Law Office of Tony Ramos. If you’re currently facing threats from the IRS with regard to debt they say you owe them, you’ll need to speak with a knowledgeable tax debt lawyer who can help you sort out the issue and stop the stress.

Are your wages being garnished by the IRS leaving you with barely enough of your paycheck to pay your own bills? There’s help for wage garnishment when you call the San Antonio tax attorney at The Law Office of Tony Ramos. Protect your wages and keep your hard-earned paycheck with the help of an experienced tax debt lawyer who knows the law and knows what it takes to obtain a positive result.

The San Antonio tax attorney at The Law Office of Tony Ramos represents individuals who are facing wage garnishment or have wages that are currently being garnished because of back-owed tax debt. Their legal expertise places them in the ideal position to understand how the IRS and state agencies operate with regard to tax debt. It is crucial that you seek representation immediately if you have received a letter from the IRS stating their intent to garnish your wages, or have already begun to garnish them.

When you choose to work with The Law Office of Tony Ramos, PC, you can experience much-needed relief and peace of mind knowing they will work tirelessly to protect your rights and explain your options to you. If along the way, an issue arises that demands attention, they can offer numerous resolutions to wage garnishment that include:

– Offer in Compromise, in cases where wage garnishment may be considered a personal hardship, or if you are simply unable to pay back your debt.

– Installment agreement that can take a significant amount of debt that appears to be overwhelming at first glance and split it up into 72 monthly payments that may be much more manageable to pay off.

– Partial Payment Installment Agreement that will help you pay back a reduced amount of your debt.

If you are facing tax-related debt, it is highly advisable that you turn to a knowledgeable San Antonio tax attorney from Tony The Law Office of Tony Ramos for representation that can result in a favorable outcome and the results you desire.

Tax debt relief may assist you, your family and your business in holding on to profits and assets that the IRS is threatening to seize or attempting to seize. Don’t allow your lack of legal knowledge to keep you in debt, allowing the IRS to garnish your wages and freeze your assets. Call the San Antonio tax attorney from The Law Office of Tony Ramos now at 210-558-2834 to request your free consultation.

In addition to your phone call to The Law Office of Tony Ramos, feel free to visit their website at to learn more about their qualifications in representing you and the practice areas they can assist in.

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