San Antonio Tax Debt Attorney

San Antonio Tax Debt Attorney

Stop the stress from your IRS Tax Debt with an experienced San Antonio Tax Debt Attorney! For a Free Consultation Contact Tony Ramos at: 210-558-2834.

If you owe a large amount of tax debt to the IRS that you are unable to pay, you may be experiencing a great deal of stress and wondering where you can turn for professional help. At tThe Law Office of Tony Ramos, their team works with both individuals and business owners who have significant debt that they are unable to pay back to the IRS. If you have received a threatening letter or the IRS has begun to take steps in levying your assets, you’ll need to take fast action to protect your property.

Tony Ramos can present an OIC, or Offer in Compromise, to the IRS with regard to your debt. An OIC is an agreement between the IRS and a taxpayer with an outstanding balance to settle the liability in terms that are often very agreeable to the taxpayer. If the IRS determines that you do not have the means to pay back your debt, they may come to terms with your OIC as an alternative solution.

You’ll need the assistance of an experienced San Antonio tax debt attorney who will work closely with you to review and gather your financial information to ensure the facts the IRS receives are accurate in detail. If you quality for an OIC, Attorney Tony Ramos will help you every step of the way through the process. With an OIC, the IRS may provide you with a lower amount that you can pay as a settlement for your total tax liability. Paying the lower amount will leave you free and clear of tax debt.

The IRS may consider your OIC in place of continued collection activity under any of the following situations:

– If they are shown information that causes them to doubt you have the ability to pay back your tax debt.

– If they are provided with financial information that creates doubt that your tax liability is accurate.

– If they are shown that your repayment of the debt will cause you significant hardship.

After your San Antonio tax debt attorney provides your financial information to the IRS, they will review your expenses, income, assets and your perceived liability to determine if you are able to pay your tax debt. Based on what is provided to them, and in the manner in which it is provided, they will make a final decision with regard to an amount they feel you should pay.

The San Antonio tax debt attorney from The Law Office of Tony Ramos is both experienced and knowledgeable in tax law, and is able to provide you with professional and legal advice with regard to the best way to proceed in light of your tax debt. To claim your free consultation with a tax pro, please call 210-558-2834 or go online to where you’ll find a wealth of information on tax debt relief.

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