Attorney Tony Ramos provides you with a detailed explanation of your IRS tax settlement options, tailors the best strategy for you to approach the IRS, and negotiates directly with the IRS so you won't have to.

Our firm strives to be prompt in responding to your phone calls, texts, or emails and regularly updates you on the status of your case.

We have a fully dedicated support staff to help ensure that you are getting the quality, efficient, and cost-effective representation you need to expedite your tax law matter without additional stress and headache.

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Our Practice Areas:

Offer in Compromise | Installment Agreement | Partial Payment Installment | Liens & Levies | Wage Garnishment | Abate Penalties & Interest | Innocent Spouse Relief

What sets our law firm apart:
Extensive experience from years in practice.
Professional and courteous treatment of prospects and clients.
Prompt response to phone calls or emails.
We always place our client’s best interest above our own.
We maintain high ethical standards that we won’t compromise.

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Tony Ramos, Attorney at Law, San Antonio, Texas, is representing me to the IRS as my Tax Attorney. I find him to be personable, efficient, accommodating, and trustworthy. I feel so blessed to have found him to represent me, and I highly recommend him.

C.R., San Antonio

Thank you again Tony! We are very happy and pleased with your services. You reduced our tax liability by over $120,000.00!

You put together just what was needed and had our Offer-in-Compromise approved.

I will definitely give your name out to anyone who needs your help.

M.T., Central Texas

No way get out of here!!! Thank you so much! I am so happy that I found you on the internet!.

As soon as I sat down at your desk I knew I had come to the right person.

Really, the situation could not have turned out better; is truly a weight lifted off my shoulders.

I will definitely recommend you to friends and family. ? I will file my returns as soon as possible and let you know when I do. Again thank you so much.

J.W., San Antonio, Texas