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What Our Clients Are Saying...

"You reduced our tax liability by over $120,000.00!"

Thank you again Tony! We are very happy and pleased with your services. You reduced our tax liability by over $120,000.00!

You put together just what was needed and had our Offer-in-Compromise approved.

I will definitely give your name out to anyone who needs your help.

Mark T., Central Texas

"Thank you again. With my fullest sincerity I can say you are one of the best and most honest attorneys I've ever met. Thanks again.

Billy D., San Antonio, Texas

No way get out of here!!! Thank you so much! I am so happy that I found you on the internet!.

As soon as I sat down at your desk I knew I had come to the right person. 

Really, the situation could not have turned out better; is truly a weight lifted off my shoulders.

I will definitely recommend you to friends and family. ? I will file my returns as soon as possible and let you know when I do. Again thank you so much.

J.W., San Antonio, Texas

I applied for the free consultation and recommend that anyone who has a tax problem does the same.

He not only has reasonable price but without me spending one dollar he guided me to a better understanding of my situation.

Now I am able to get a handle on my taxes easier and am not worrying like I was when I received the threatening letter from the IRS.


Jason M., San Antonio,

Amazing Help! I'd highly recommend using this law office for any of your IRS or Tax needs!

He gracefully walked me through the steps needed to give the SBA what they were looking for! Much appreciated Mr. Ramos!
I look forward to doing business in the future with you again!

Jordan P., San Antonio, Texas

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