7 Simple Tips To Resolve Your IRS Debt

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The IRS does not settle tax debt like a business. Tax laws don’t allow this type of negotiation but they do offer several ways to settle based on your “ability to pay”.

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Inside are brief explanations of 7 ways you can get control of your tax debt, one or more which might be what you need to move on with your life. 

[Free Report] - 7 Simple Tips to Resolve Your IRS Debt

You might qualify to pay less than what you legally owe.
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1. Time Runs Out For The IRS (“Statute of Limitations”). The IRS only has 10 years from the date of “assessment” to collect taxes. Assessment is the recording on the IRS books of what you legally owe according to the IRS. The IRS only has...(read full description in the  guide)

2. Convince The IRS You Can’t Pay Anything Right Now (“Currently Not Collectable Status”). Sometimes the IRS voluntarily agrees not to try to collect on the tax debt for a year or so. After a period of time they review your situation to see if you can start paying something. You will have to provide financial information to convince the IRS that you cannot make any payments. If successful, the benefit will be a period of...(read full description in the guide)

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