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IRS Audit Representation for Individuals and Businesses

If you receive a letter from the IRS stating that you are under audit, we highly recommend to contact a tax professional and not deal directly with the IRS.

Audits that are not properly handled can greatly increase your tax liabilities and even result in a finding of fraud or a crime.

How damaging can an IRS audit be?

Sometimes the IRS will not only audit one year, but often multiple years. Audits can focus on one or more issues and you should be careful not to provide unnecessary information to the IRS examiner.

A tax professional knows how to limit the scope of the audit and prevent a “fishing expedition” by the IRS. You should be particularly careful if there is any chance that you will be charged with committing a crime.

Many taxpayers unknowingly violating the law and may say something to the IRS examiner that can lead to a criminal referral.

In this case you should know that attorneys should be used in order to assert your attorney-client privilege.

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Do not place yourself in a position where an IRS audit can result in tax debt that you should not be charged with. Sometimes your lack of proper record keeping can result in more tax debt than you should have to pay.  

There are ways to overcome lack of good records that we can help you with.

Because there are ways to overcome bad record keeping.

Take advantage of our Free Consultation before you speak with an IRS Agent who is conducting an audit on one or more tax years of yours.

This opportunity may end up saving you a substantial amount of tax debt that you should not be assessed with due to not properly handling an IRS audit.

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