Abate Penalties & Interest



Understanding Penalties & Interest

The interest rate charged by the IRS varies but always accrues on past tax debt. You continue to accrue interest for every month that you do not pay off your debt in full. In addition to interest, penalties can be levied against you, adding additional stress to an already stressful situation. However, if you can prove a reasonable cause, you may be able to abate these financial penalties.

These reasons may include any of the following:

  • Death, serious injury, or permanent disability
  • Natural disaster, such as fire or other serious issues
  • When the IRS is unable to obtain your records
  • When you received bad advice or relied on an fraudulent source

Protecting Your Financial Future

Instead of panicking, turn to an experienced San Antonio tax debt relief attorney who can help you navigate the review of your penalties while offering a creative legal solution to abate them. Our firm has substantial experience helping clients like yourself to resolve local and federal tax matters.

As an individual or business owner, you have significant professional and personal liabilities tied into your taxes.

Often penalties and accrued interest can add thousands of dollars when you already owe a lot. Working with our San Antonio tax debt relief lawyer might help remove if you qualify, some or all of these extra fees from your total tax debt because we have the knowledge and insights to help you obtain a favorable resolution.

The IRS and state agencies take your taxes very seriously and penalties can add to your overall stress.

Need help with Abatement of Penalties and Interest? Consult with Tony Ramos, our Tax Debt Relief Lawyer in San Antonio, TX!