Can A Tax Attorney Really Help?

A short answer from tax attorney Tony Ramos.

Yes, because an attorney who practices in this area is going to be aware of the laws and the procedures that Revenue officers and other IRS employees have to follow when they're dealing with taxpayers.

IRS officers use the Internal Revenue Manual that is very long and detailed for every different procedure. This manual governs the way IRS officers handle IRS cases. Also, the Internal Revenue Code and regulations apply to IRS cases as well. These are also complex and very long. A knowledgeable tax attorney who is aware and regularly practices in the area of tax resolution, can actually save taxpayers thousands of dollars.

I've had several clients tell me that they had spoken to the IRS and the IRS did not give them all of their options and did not tell them important things such as the 10 year collection statute because the IRS only has 10 years to collect tax debt.

The IRS can't collect taxes once this 10 year statute expires. If the IRS doesn't collect within that time period, then they could no longer collect it.

And I've seen cases where tens of thousands of dollars of tax debt expire. And of course the IRS does not explain this to the taxpayer.

That's just one example. So yes, in summary, a tax attorney, who regularly practices in this area and is knowledgeable about the laws of the procedures can really help the taxpayer.

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