Five Questions to Ask Before Hiring A Tax Attorney

Filing taxes are a complicated procedure, and even if you diligently file your tax returns, you may still face a dispute with Internal Revenue Service (IRS). At times like this, the best way to get through is by enlisting the services of a tax attorney. A competent tax attorney will be able to present your case to IRS and help you negotiate a settlement with the authorities.

Apart from assisting you if the IRS is investigating you, a tax attorney can help you streamline your accounts and taxes if you’re starting a business or even if you have a complicated tax picture. As lawyers who specialize in the complex and technical field of tax law, they’re ideally placed to help you handling complex, technical and legal issues associated with your tax situation.

However, finding a tax attorney who is dedicated to your cause and is trustworthy requires research on your part. To simplify your search and help you select the best professional, here’s a list of five questions to ask before hiring a tax attorney.

1. What kind of expertise and experience do you have?

It’s an absolute must that a tax attorney has expertise and experience in the area you need him to have. For example, an attorney, who has experience only in wage garnishment, will not be of much help if you need them to negotiate with IRS for an offer in compromise.

Even if an attorney specializes in the area of your need, always ensure that they have a rich experience in the field. When hiring a tax attorney, you should ask about their area of expertise and how long they have been handling such type of cases.

2. Have you handled a similar situation before?

A tax attorney may have experience in the area you desire. But, it is possible that they have never handled a case similar to yours. As a client, you should always ask a tax attorney before hiring them whether they have dealt with a similar situation before or not. In case, they have not, you need to carefully consider whether you would like to enlist their services or not.

3. Has there been a grievance or a lawsuit filed against you?

You need to be sure that the tax attorney you are hiring is an honest one. Therefore, don’t shy from asking them if they have had a lawsuit filed against them during their practice. It doesn’t mean that an attorney is dishonest if a lawsuit has been filed against them. Nonetheless, it is always worth checking.

4. Do you respond to emails or calls promptly?

A professional tax attorney should be easy to reach out for their clients whether through calls or emails. Tax disputes with IRS are serious in nature. Therefore, you don’t want to have an attorney, who is tough to reach out to. If a tax attorney finds it difficult to pick up your calls, they should ensure that they inform you about it through an email.

5. Are your fees fixed or hourly?

Last but not the least, always ask a tax attorney whether their fees are fixed or based on the number of hours they put in. Clarity on payment will ensure good faith between both parties and prevent any possibility of confusion between the attorney and you.

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