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Periodically, clients ask me what other legal services I provide in addition to my main area of practice, IRS Tax Debt Resolution.

Based on over 46 years of legal experience dealing with small businesses, I think I know the small business owner and the legal issues they encounter.

Most taxpayers don’t have the time, nor the expertise to handle legal and accounting matters. By entrusting these matters to professionals they have confidence in, they can focus on their own business matters and be better off doing so.

I am writing to let you know that I also provide the following legal services, not only for small businesses but especially for them:

Form and maintain entities such as corporations, limited liability companies and others in the State of Texas.

  • Protect yourself and save taxes by forming an entity that provides liability protection.
  • Don’t let your assets be placed in jeopardy in the event of accidents or lawsuits.
  • We can advise you and set up your entity to protect your assets and income. 

Handle some real estate matters depending on the facts of the case.

Especially when you have tax liens and need to sell your home, we can give you options to help you through the process.

Besides IRS Tax Resolution I also help taxpayers with Texas Sales Tax debt.

Unfortunately, businesses also have sales tax debt when their business go through a slowdown. We can help you with Texas Sales Tax debt

In my office I have an IRS Enrolled Agent that prepares tax returns and does bookkeeping when requested.

You can avoid a 25% penalty if you fail to file your Income Tax Return late. Avoid this penalty and others by timely filing tax returns and keep accurate books.

This will also help you avoid tax audits or be prepared for an audit if the IRS decides to review your tax return.

I look forward to continue helping you with any of the above legal services.

Tony Ramos

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